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Greaceful Touch

”You are given as much as you are willing to receive. Let go of the burden which you have carried for eternity and be flooded by love, joy, bliss.”

Meetings with Sagarji Ma

"We are so driven by the external influences of this world that we have forgotten where our true home is, where the heart in full affection pours out in love and the spirit in silent existence draws the strength and the eternal knowledge from the infinite, eternal consciousness.... in the constant flow of that which is and wants to be.
I invite you to meet yourself in this space... to listen to the stillness of your heart and to reconnect with the core.... here we are at home."



Space for encounter

In the space for encounter, Sagarji Ma responds to what is here and now. Her answers are simple and direct, but she does not use a particular method or concept, nor does she teach sacred scriptures or particular spiritual paths. Questions can be written on a piece of paper in advance or asked to her directly in the meeting.


Darshan it is a term meaning auspicious sight, vision, apparition, or glimpse.

Darshan is difficult to define, since it is an event in consciousness - an interaction between devotee and God/Guru; or between devotee and image or sculpture, which focuses and calls out the consciousness of the devotee. In either event, a heightening of consciousness or spirituality is the intended effect. Darshan can only be experienced!

Sagarji Ma prepares humans for the Supreme Light through the Darshan. She says that not she does that, but through the sheer will of the people who come to Darshan, the Divine does this work through her.


"All man wish change inside - even if the outside - the shell of their personality - disagrees sometimes and continues resisting.

This desire for change is a naturally generated desire within us. It derives from the nature of things bring eternal moving and changing.

Each matter, however motionless it may appear, truly vibrates within itself and with the Universe. It is always moving and, depending on the degree of development, strives for change and unfolding. The natural direction of change always aims for the positive direction. That means, from darkness to light and acts thus on the unfolding of the presented matter.


Meditation increases the rate of this unfolding. It acts like a natural fertiliser. Only when we enter the state of freedom from thoughts, does true meditation start. That what is called meditation normally, is only a preparation of true meditation. That means, the condition for true power of consciousness (Paramatma) to pour in (...). 


The energy of consciousness cannot be received by understanding, it is nothing mental, although it penetrates also the mental parts. A medium, through which this pure energy is flowing, is empty and is present as a channel for everyone, who like to receive it (like a straw through which the meditator drinks). A medium is not the divine energy, yet it offers itself as an instrument to the divine energy (...).


You need an inner decision to invite the pure power of consciousness and to be ready for its arrival. Continuous purification will follow. Starting with this decision change occurs and a huge stream of consciousness pours over us and the people surrounding us.

It relieves people from pain and offers pure joy, so much deeper than any mundane joy.


You are invited to offer your life to this development and thus to serve the rising of mankind. You need not fear; you might lose your individuality. In fact, the opposite happens: the Ego dies and your true individuality can unfold.

Acting without ego means divine acting which is so much stronger than any ‘I’ could ever realise.


Your rising is the rising of mankind. Your opening for the pure consciousness is a step of the whole earth to her natural perfect state.

Your devotion invites the power of consciousness to realise within you the change and rising to a new man, a human living and acting in absolute love."

~ Sagarji Ma newsletter 5/2019



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