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Newsletter: Healing of the Earth in body

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                                                                                                           March  2024

New Videos

Video 'Guided Meditation'
Video 'being worthy'
Video 'selfrealisation'                                                                      March  2022

Not of this world

Grace is necessary to receive these treasures and openness and purity are necessary for this grace to come down.
All we can do is surrender to IT... as we are, as flawed as we think we are, as impure as we sometimes feel, as limited as we sometimes experience...
In meditation you can surrender all this to HIM and also all the good rest. HE will receive you, embrace you with HIS LOVE and initiate everything that is necessary. 
Give yourself to IT again and again...
Give HIM your ideas, your dreams, your desires.
Give HIM all your knowledge and also the ignorance. 
Give HIM all your experiences, all your pain and also your happiness, also your inertia and your fear.
Give HIM everything, hold nothing back!
And then you will be gifted with THAT which is not of this world, but which also lives and waits in this world... waits for you, for your surrender.
So give yourself, now, and go forward with your head held high into the Eternal, the Blissful.... in GOD.

                                                                              ~ Sagarji Ma            Sep. 2021

New Video

Dear Friends,
There is a new video to watch and share about Christ Consciousness. Sagarji Ma talks about the purpose of Jesus, who God is, quality of the world, forgiveness as a way of salvation and much more. The video is in German with English subtitles. Many thanks to all who have contributed to the video. 
Click here to watch the video                                                             April 2021

Excerps from the June 2020 newsletter from Sagarji Ma

It came again to my mind, especially in these times, how powerful prayers are. Thus I want to invite you to talk to God again in the morning and/or in the evening and to pray.
Those, who have an aversion with the word ‘God’, may find another word, more suitable for them. It is not important to say ‘God’, but to feel IT in the heart.
Allow yourself to rise in the words of the prayer and to flow. I find myself in the position of a child when I pray and when I make a request.... a child is very close to the soul and therefore pure and innocent. A child’s prayers come out of love, they are honest and direct. This kind of praying will be heard at once and fulfilled.(...)
                                                                                                             June 2020


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