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(...) I want to invite you to talk to God again in the morning and/or in the evening and to pray. Those, who have an aversion with the word ‘God’, may find another word, more suitable for them. It is not important to say ‘God’, but to feel IT in the heart. Allow yourself to rise in the words of the prayer and to flow. I find myself in the position of a child when I pray and when I make a request.... a child is very close to the soul and therefore pure and innocent. A child’s prayers come out of love, they are honest and direct. This kind of praying will be heard at once and fulfilled. (...)                          ~ Sagarji Ma

Sagarji Ma HelpLine

There is a help line now - thus people can ask Sagarji Ma directly for help. It could be help for oneself or for somebody else. For more details please contact:

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The call times have changed.

Sagarji Ma can now be reached from Monday to Friday (8 - 10 am) on the helpline number.

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