Sagarji Mâ                 "The purpose of my work is to prepare humanity for the New Life."



Do you love me?

"Yes, of course I love you……when the awakening happened and the true nature was recognized everything started anew. Nothing seemed to have changed in the outside world, but for me the world was completely new, again and again. Nothing was as it used to be. Even the old emotions, patterns, and programs that happened were still there, but they did not touch the true Self. It dissolved into nothingness. In being here and the knowing of the unlimited expanse joy bubbled up for no reason. The heart exploded. The truth manifested in every cell, deeper and deeper. In this overflowing love Existence revealed how God plays this game, how forms happen and disappear again, how you are me and I am you. That we are the same coming from the same source, the Self in varies forms. How then can I not love you? That is impossible!!!”

Interview with Sagarji Ma, March 2015


How do you describe your work?

“You cannot talk about work. I am not a teacher, philosopher, healer or anyone else. I cannot teach anything, cannot give anything, I only am. And out of this being something happens. Things happen, roles are played. I answer to that what I come across the way IT wants it, amazed about what is said or done. So it happens that when I meet a child I become a child myself. When someone asks me a question, I become the answer. When someone is open to healing, I become the healing, then healing happens… I only sit and observe IT. That is my work.”

March 2019

"...In this “being absorbed” HE acts in his highest energy. This energy is pure and doesn’t draw a distinction of race, religion, sex or countries, where you come from. This energy is all including, whole (holy) = complete and acts for her best on the person, who receives it. That is, the energy acts on all levels, may it be physical, emotional, spiritual or on levels, that normally developed spiritual people can’t see yet. This energy acts for the well-being of the whole humanity...

But always within me there is the wish, that every being gets what it needs to learn and to grow. In this sense, may all beings awake in their individual time and offer their individual share to the welfare of all beings."


Since 2013 Sagarji Ma has been sharing Meditation, Darshan and retreats around the world. She is always open to meeting sincere seekers of truth, whatever their background is. She inspires, encourages and transforms people through her natural being and overflowing Love. If you wish to invite her for Meditation/Darshan or retreat to your living place please contact us.

2010 - present

2010 - present

"In deep gratitude amd love...

I bow to all masters, saints and divine beings who supported me, bathed me in their presence and filled me with their grace.


~ Sagarji Ma

Devine mothers blessing for the erth_Sag

Devine Mother's blessing for the earth

The descent of light

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