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feel embraced and blessed

in the light of your True Self

of Eternal Consciousness

and all-encompassing Love.

Sagarji Ma


„Love and truth are inseparable,
they always dance together. 
Where there is no love, there is no truth.
Where truth is missing, you also will find no love.
Where there is love and truth, there is peace.“

"Because I am a human being, I have the right and at the same time the duty to strive to be free and happy and one with God."

The divine is not only in heaven....
it is here in your heart.
So light the flame in your heart and create something better, more beautiful, more true, more noble....
that is what you are on earth for!

„The highest frequency of energy on earth is that of unconditional love. The lowest frequency of energy is that of fear. 
Open up your heart and find out how much this frequency of love changes your surroundings and your life.“

„To be human means to be whole (holy).
We are on earth to discover and to develop all of the divine aspects within usin accordance with the universe and for the well-being of the whole earth. In this way peace can be found permanently.“

„The environment we live in encourages the love, the truth, (lifts us out of darkness), or it diverts us (or draws us down into the mud). Therefore you need to bring discrimination to understand this and free will has been given to you to discern this.“


Is a love affair between you and your soul…
You surrender to her and she does whatever she wants with you; at one time she will wipe out old memories that have become useless, at another time she will clear away worries about the future and then she unites with you totally. And when this happens the union makes you feel the highest energy, the infinite space, the grace of God, the Universal Consciousness.“


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