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feel embraced and blessed

in the light of your True Self

of Eternal Consciousness

and all-encompassing Love.

“Without love nothing works, every action is useless and therefore without true progress...

like an ocean without water”

„It's not so much the action itself but the vibration of the action that moves the world in one direction or another..."

Sagarji Ma.JPG

Sagarji Ma

„To be human means to be whole (holy).
We are on earth to discover and to develop all of the divine aspects within usin accordance with the universe and for the well-being of the whole earth. In this way peace can be found permanently.“

„The highest frequency of energy on earth is that of unconditional love. The lowest frequency of energy is that of fear. 
Open up your heart and find out how much this frequency of love changes your surroundings and your life.“

“The environment in which we live promotes truth, love and peace or distracts from it.

True discernment serves to recognize this and to walk the path of the pure soul.”

The new consciousness...


... is already here and unfolding its essence here on our earth.

All who are open to it will be a part of this unfolding, not only as witnesses but as direct instruments of the manifestation of the new creation. A creation that is subjectto different laws than the laws that have been at work on earth until now.

The resulting matter is more plastic, lighter, more flexible and vibrates in a much higher frequency than what has been manifested so far by the human mental.

The new creation is the result of united people in the new spirit

on the lightful path. The result of this unification is an ever becoming,

self-elevating matter (world) in the divine dance.

9/2023 Sagarji Ma

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