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"Only you know what you really want… when you listen to your deeper Self you will find the Truth."

Provence, France Sagarji Ma
Goa, India

A Silent Retreat allows you to retreat from the rat race of life. For a few days you get the chance to be only with yourself and to listen within. Most of the retreats happen in silence; that is except for the twice-daily meetings with Sagarji Ma. During the retreat you are in the presence of Sagarji Ma.

Sagarji Ma speaks out of the moment, without any prepared concept. She addresses people in accordance with their individual personal situation, wherever they may currently stand. Because of the different stages of development of each Soul, the focus of the retreats will be determined spontaneously depending on the respective participants. However, Sagarji Ma often likes to speak about the evolution of the Soul, its purpose and liberation, by pointing out the importance of the purification of the heart and body during the process of awakening and the support of the Divine forces.

She answers the participant’s spiritual as well as practical questions. During the retreats Sagarji Ma also works in silence on each participant, since this facilitates and accelerates the raising of people’s evolution to a higher state. Sagarji Ma equally welcomes all beings, regardless of their religion, origin, their status or gender.

“All human beings are children of the Divine Mother, that’s how I see them” ~ Sagarji Ma


The Retreat Centres are often out in nature and offer the opportunity to discover Silence in nature – you will be surprised how lively Silence can be!


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