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SEVA - devotional service to God

You cannot do seva, it happens. When you come to Satsang, Darshan and Retreats, love just overflows.  Sagarji Mâ welcomes all who are interested in Truth, who want to perceive God and serve Him.


Being with Sagarji Mâ, being in her presence has an impact on your whole system, affects your life and leads you directly to God. Being with Her makes you drunk, drunk with love. Suddenly you can watch yourself doing things differently, with more awareness and love and without any effort.

Resistance melts into Love and the heart opens wide; you are available for Truth, for God. There is no other choice than being in His service, being in the service of Truth. You cannot understand this, you have to experience this.


Everybody who wants to be close to Sagarji Mâ is welcome and is invited to join into this space by devotional service to God.


Mâ says:

“As a matter of fact I do nothing. That, what you want from Him happens. He gives you everything that serves you to open the heart and be touched by Him. I am only His servant, His channel and it is my joy to watch the blossoming. This joy radiates to the people around me. I cannot do it. I simply am and say yes to what He wants."

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