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Power of LOVE

“There are many ways which lead to self-realization, yet in the end, they all melt into one, the way of Love, the way of surrender, the way to God.”

When you hear the call from within, when the longing for Truth, Freedom and Peace pushes you to search for God, than all you need, will be given to you.

There are many different ways to realize the Absolute Truth. For each human being there is a matching one. Yet they all end up in the heart, because this is the place where God is living. Here you meet Him.


“To decide on Love, is destroying every border... also the illusion that you and I are separate.”



 “To realize who you really are, to meet God, contains the opening of the heart. Without the opening of the heart, self-realization is not complete and therefore useless. Only when the heart is open, can His divine energy be flowing and radiating through you. His absolute love is outpouring through you. You are not God, but made out of His material. All His aspects are within you and are waiting to be unfolded. The potential is already within you.


By surrendering everything, full of compassion, you are purifying the heart of all impurities of all lifetimes, the impurities which are covering the Truth. It does not matter what you are doing, important is only how you are doing it. When you offer all your deeds to God, the heart becomes free and receptive. Only then God can "take place in you."

"Only a pure heart can receive God. Only a pure heart can really give. Only like this, God is outpouring into the world. Only like this, the world is changing. Only like this, you take part in changing the world. Then, your acting is flowing and becomes effortless... Then, it is no longer ‘your acting’, IT IS. GOD IS."



“Words and actions, which are coming out of a pure heart, are full of Love. Love which knows neither good, nor bad. Love, which receives and gives, without expectations or conditions. Love which knows no borders and keeps all possibilities available - His unconditioned Love.


Without divine Love, life is meaningless!”

~ Sagarji Mâ

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